2020-2021 Yearbooks have arrived!


The 2020-21 Yearbooks have finally arrived!

They are ready for pickup this week (9/13-9/17).

For Current Students:

-Please pick up in Mr. Dan’s classroom (1162) during lunch.

For Graduated Students:

-Please pick up at the front office during these times:

9/13: Monday – 10-2

9/14: Tuesday – 11:30-2

9/15: Wednesday – 10-noon (early release)

9/16: Thursday – 10-2

9/17: Friday – 11:30-2

Three quick notes:

-only students may swing by room 1162 for pickup. If you are a parent/adult, please call the front office or swing by the front office during the above designated times.

-for current students: pickup will ONLY happen during lunch. Other class periods don’t count.

-Mr. Dan will have to sign your name off of our official “purchased” list before you walk away with your yearbook.

Thank you! We’re very excited to finally share this with you all.

Take care,

Yearbook Staff